I met Iwona a few years ago thanks to Beata our common friend. Beata wanted her friends to read and get to know the Word of God.  She asked me to lead a Bible study group for her friends from her fellowship and not only. 

Iwona started to attend.  She is a teacher of biology in one of the primary schools.  God is important for her and she tries to teach God’s truths during her classes.  Iwona had heard the Gospel from her cousin Ola who died from cancer about ten years ago.  

Iwona is that kind of person that asks a lot of questions and thanks to that I decided to spend one meeting of our group to explain what is the Gospel.  To be more precise, I talked about the benefits  of the gospel in the lives of believers.  During that meeting I could see the sparkle in her eyes –  something had happened.  She finally understood.  That was the aha effect for her.  From that moment she likes to answer others the question: OK, so if somebody would accept Jesus what changes does that decision bring?

Iwona tries to use her time at school to talk on spiritual issues to other teachers and students.

This spring she started to ask about our fall weekend retreat. I have organized such an event for women for a few years and this year I was a little tired.  But she insisted.  And other Bible study group participants insisted so I decided to do it also this fall – well that is the power of tradition 😊

Our weekend was spent in a friendly atmosphere, there were 20 of us and 2 new ladies that Iwona invited. Our topic was: I dream, I want,I desire.  We talked a lot about our women desires from the God’s perspective. We studied the person of Anna from 1 Samuel.  We also watched the movie “Case of Christ”.

On Sunday morning I talked on – What does God want?  During that I shared the Gospel and I invited those who did not know Jesus to accept him and I went through the prayer of accepting Jesus. Two friends of Iwona: Agnieszka and Małgosia prayed to receive Jesus.

As the application from that event they decided to organize meetings at their place to study Bible together and also to invite there some other people.

Iwona was very excited and happy.  They all decided on the date of the first meeting. 

I became a spiritual grandma.

During that weekend retreat Dorota led us through the story of Anna from Old Testament.  Dorota shared Christ with me when I was in the University, I attended her Bible study group.  She assisted me on my first steps of faith, reading and applying God’s Word.  Her enthusiasm and devotion for the lost influenced me also. I am sure that God used her in putting the foundation for my Christian life, what I believe and do today. 

There was also Jagoda at the weekend retreat.  She is the person who shared Christ with Dorota – she is my spiritual grandma. 

That was an amazing moment when we realized that there at the same place we had 5 generations of Christ disciples even though Agnieszka and Małgosia have just started that adventure. 

For me the devotion of Iwona to her spiritual daughters is very encouraging.  To see her willingness  to help and readiness to assist them in their growth brings delight.

I pray that she would be able to see her own grandchildren!

What about you? Have you tasted the joy of becoming a spiritual mother or grandmother? Where is God working in your ministry that may move you toward the multiplication journey?

Discipleship group
Discipleship group

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