The principle of the person of peace is one of the fundamental principle in this disciple making process. It come from Luke chapter 10 where Jesus sent out the 72 and he said to go into the towns and villages where he was intending to go. One of the things that they were to do as they went into those communities, was to look for that worthy person called the person of peace.

We find that the person of peace is someone who has this spiritual openness the spiritual sensitivity if they are hospitable they invite you into their community and they’re a God ordained person. Someone that God has ordained that’s going to open the community to the gospel. And so we look first of all for the person of peace so that the disciple maker from the outside is not essentially the evangelist they’re not going into the community to evangelize many people and bring them together in a group but primarily to find the person of peace and then the evangelism is done by that person appeased and their family as they become believers.

So when they find the person appease they will then stay with that person spend time with that person disciple them over a period of time. Sometimes it may take 3 months or 6 months discipling that person a piece and their family because they’re really preparing them to be the insider who will read the entire community with the gospel.

There are a lot of things that we could talk about and when we do expanded training time we talk about how do you discover the person of peace what are some of the things that you would do in the community so that you discover the part of peace. In fact we often talk about how do you function in the community so that that person a piece finds you.

They are the spiritual person that is looking and questioning and so when we make ourselves available in the community and they discover that we are spiritual people than the person repeats often finds us. And then we’ll talk and in training a lot more about how we would spend time with that person a piece and how we disciple them so that when they then begin to develop a group of people that are interested in discovering God then right from the very beginning they build into the DNA of this process. That which will help that community of people to really discover who God is and and that they become believers to really have the kind of transformational impact on the community. So the personal peace concept is really the idea of taking the insider in the community that God ordained, finding that person, discipling them and then through them reach in the entire community took with the gospel. When our goal is to reach the entire community as opposed to reaching individuals within the community, the person a piece concept using the insider is the best strategy to really make that happen.


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