Tamara was born on July 7th, 1963 in Polczyn Zdroj. She was the daughter of Anthony and Krystyna Banasiak. She went to elementary school, and then high school in Świdwin, where she lived with her parents. In 1982 she started studying at the Warsaw University of Technology, at the Physics and Math department. She achieved her Master’s degree in 1988. Tamara then started working at a private IT firm, where she worked for a year. In 1989 she started working at Campus Crusade for Christ International full time, where she served the Lord till her death on November 4th, 2017.

Her first assignment was serving with college students in Krakow. That’s where we met and became friends, and later got married in 1993. A year later we moved to Albania, a country that Tamara dearly loved. We returned to Poland in 1995 and got assigned to work with student in Gdansk. That’s where Pawel, and later Marta were born. In 1997 we moved to Warsaw, which Tamara really liked, and it’s where we live to this day. In those years we were involved in several different ministries, such as: the Jesus Film Project, Executive Ministries, CrossRoads, and Global Church Movements. Last few years Tamara focused on latest favorite, text reviewing and editing. In 2011 Tamara enrolled in a graduate course at the University of Warsaw about text editing. She finished in 2013, and since then she was involved only with text review. In 2015 she got interested with a marriage counseling course titled The Art of Marriage. She decided to work on the Polish version of the course and… became the leader of the project. She really enjoyed working on the course. She finished that project in early 2016 and we invited two young couples to participate in the counseling course, which we went through together. Most of the time before her death, she spent working on a new staff training materials.

Tamara had an incredible personality. One of her strengths was the ability to improve things around her. She often said: “What if we would change this a little bit..” She was delicate and sensitive, she never raised her voice.
She could always understand what people wanted to say. She made friends at a slow pace, but for life. She loved to read, solve puzzles, take walks, the seaside and big cities. She appreciated people’s work, the architecture, museums, etc. Her favorite street in Warsaw was Nowy Świat, with its subtle curves and old-fashioned lamps. She was very frugal, and receptive of people’s needs. She would look for notices in newspapers about people in need, and send them care packages for years. They will surely miss Tamara’s help…

We will all miss Tamara and await meeting her on the other side. Maranatha! LORD COME!


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