When you first get swarmed you don’t feel like it’s something that you’re ready to do. When you first swarm someone it’s not something they feel like they’re ready to do. But it’s a very powerful tool in raising up trainers who are gonna mobilize people engage the lost.

So here’s what it is.
We’ll have a training say on winning people to the gospel. I will divide that training up into sections and take people who’ve never trained before in many cases and say: “Hey can you trained on how to share the 4 spiritual laws?”. “Can you train the Prayer Care Share strategy?”. “Can you train on what to do when someone says yes to the gospel?”.

We will train in segments so that we expose a lot more people to the experience of training. And this is the way that we raise up more trainers in an area and see more people raised up who can mobilize people into the harvest.

Now, one of the key things to remember is that it’s going to be messy it’s not gonna be something that’s clean cut that’s really programmed. You gonna have people who messed up but we got to be willing when we’re discipling people to let them fail forward. So the kinds of folks I’m looking for when I want to swarm trainer, people who are practicing what they’ve been trained to do. They’ve been through a training before they’ve received the training in the past and they’ve demonstrated a willingness to go out and actually do it. So I’m not just gonna grab someone who isn’t practicing these things I’m gonna grab someone who is modeling these things in their life and hopefully maybe I’ve even seen them out sharing the gospel in the harvest and following up and discipling with people. And then I’m going to invite them to a training that I have with the church that wants to develop an outreach strategy a multiplying reproducing plan on evangelism and discipleship and ask them: Can you come and help me train? Not only to come in front of the group to teach but also can you come and help facilitate this group discussion in one of the small groups and model these things.

When I first got invited to be part of a swarm training I felt honored, empowered and I felt more involved with the team that is trying to reach the vision on 1 community per 1000 people.

Things to consider when you are selecting swarm trainers:

1) Are they practicing these things?
2) Have they been trained before?
3) Do you have a plan on who is going to do what?
4)Are you going to be able as the training coordinator to connect the dots at some point during the training between the different trainer?

This is a great way to practice MAWL-ing (Modeling, Assisting, Watching and Launching) people out. But we need to MAWL people to train others at that point where people can train without me. And they’re gonna have their own style, they’re own approach and that’s OK but the OBJECTIVE is to raise up more trainers in the city who can reach more people and mobilize them into the harvest.

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