A few weeks ago, I heard some surprising reports from several local team leaders in a Campus Ministry. They said that ministry outreach strategies that have worked for many years were much less effective this semester.

Another local team leader said that there has certainly been a shift over the last 3-4 years in the culture of incoming students; that students are observably different from those just a few years before.

The traits described from these conversations were:

  • anxiety when having one on one, in person conversations
  • unwillingness to follow the plans of others
  • lack of effective communication skills
  • difficulty building new relationships
Obviously this is not a comprehensive study but it does seem congruent to the conclusion of Simon Sinek and others regarding the effects of Social Media in the millennials and other factors on human relationships:
What is happening in your ministry? Are things changing quickly in your context? How are you responding to these changes?
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