This summer two of our Moldovan staff families decided to take an expedition trip to Czech Republic. The idea was birthed several months before.

“When we were told that 5 countries in our region did not have a GCM ministry, our hearts were deeply moved by the need and we started to pray. We do really love when people are garhering together as a home-church or live group to share their faith and lives with one another. It is where a lot of spiritual transformation happens. In Moldova we have a lot of groups and churches like these and we would like to start movements of multiplying churches and comunities in other countries” shares with us Liuba Voleanschii, our GCM staff in Moldova ”
” In Cyprus, at our regional staff conference, when we saw the list of the countries without a GCM ministry, our family prayed and Czech Republic caught our attention”

Vanya, Ina, Anatoli and Liuba started to meet and pray together regularly for the need in this country, with open hearts if the Lord was calling them to move there. Their steps progressed from praying to wanting to visit the country to meet with different leaders and explore the needs and seek from the Lord on how they could respond to that.

” If I would describe Czech Republic in a picture I would choose this one. (picture at the right side) If you look attentively at the picture you can see a closed temple and a homeless guy sleeping at the entrance. First impression of the country is like nobody is interested in Christianity. But, communicating with some Czech Christians we, one more time, realized that the Lord is everywhere and “His Spirit is breathing everywhere as He wants”. Christians who serve in Czech Republic told us different stories about how the God is working in this country, all of them would say: “There is need for laborers who would help people to know the Lord better” would share Liuba, while Ina would fill in the picture with more details:

” These 9 days were full of prayers, controversial thoughts, inner spiritual battles and Gods miracles. We visited Prague and few cities around, Karlovi Vary, Plzen, České Budějovice, Brno, Hradec Králové. We visited Cru office in Czech R. meeting Thomas there. We met Piotr and his family (what an amazing family!), also we met a former Ina’s classmate –Cristina, who lives in Prague for more than 10 years, we met Daniela, an active Christian originally from Brno now leaving in England and Igor – a pastor of a Russian speaking church from Kladno and had some talks to people on the streets. God encouraged us a lot through all these meetings showing us how great is the spiritual need of this country, when you see closed Catholics, Orthodox churches even synagogues, when people aren’t even bothered about that, when they don’t know even who Jesus was. At the same time God showed us that He is at work: 30 leaders came to know Jesus in the last 12 months through LI in Czech; a successful youth ministry in a small village near Brno; one girl from České Budějovice who said she believes there is a God in spite of all her family and friends believes. What an amazing God we have!”

When I read their reports, I was reminded of the story of the 12 spies, and especially the courage and faith of Caleb and Joshua, who saw the promissed land through the eyes of faith, instead of the circumstances and obstacles.

As we have started the new ministry year and have moved on with our strategic planning and tactical steps, what are the burdens in your heart? What dreams has God put in you? What obstacles are on your way? What can God do to turn these obstacles into great opportunities? And lastly, what resources does your national or personal ministry has that you can bless other cities or nations where the need is greater? Is there a place where the labors are few? Could you start pray for that and ask the Lord to send labors in His harvest?

” One more time, I realized that the Lord is everywhere and “His Spirit is breathing everywhere as He wants”

Article countributors: Liuba Voleanschi & Ina Vdovicenco, Global Church Movement, CRU Moldova

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