Most people would stay where they are.
Not you. You’re different.
And even if no one else sees it in you,
we know it’s true.
You were made for something else,
something bigger.
You find the status-quo unacceptable.
Someone is making waves.
You can feel it.
There’s a revolution somewhere.
You just want to find it.
You know there’s risk involved.
You might not make it if you leap
from the familiar to the unknown.
But if you stay where you are,
you won’t make it either.
That’s why you have this urge to jump.
Peter leapt when Jesus said, “Follow Me.”
Andrew, Matthew, James and John did the same.
Now it’s your turn.
We are the Movement.
We are waiting for that moment
when you choose to fly.
And when you do,
we will stop everything just to watch.
If you are listening carefully,
you will hear our applause.

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